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Board and AGM Association Pack

Board and AGM Association Pack

Is it time to update your corporate governance documents? 

This comprehensive 30 page pack comes with a number of resources to assist Directors and Boards that work with Associations to get on track with the management and control of the business.  This pack provides a comprehensive guide that details the Director duties and the role of the Board.  

The pack includes general information and resources to assist with the managment and control of an association.  It focuses primarily on incorporated associations obligations under the Associated Incorporations Act 2009 (NSW) or State and Territory equivalents, where specified. The templates provided in this pack are listed below and will give any association the key foundations to run efficient and effective Board meetings and Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

You can tailor as necessary to suit your association's particular circumstances, governing documents, applicable laws and other legal obligations.

Board and AGM Pack for your Association - $595 (ex gst) for a limited time

Gain a clear understanding of your Director and Board duties and be confident when the regulators come knocking. This comprehensive pack is available until 4 December for the introductory offer of $595 ex gst and will include the following that have been designed specially for Associations:

  • Guide: Committee Member Duties, Role of the Board and Committees, Minutes
  • Director / Committee Members’ Duties Guide
  • Template Documents:
    • Nomination of Committee Member (including Consent to Act as Committee Member)
    • Consent to Act as Secretary / Public Officer
    • Resignation as Committee Member / Secretary / Public Officer
    • Notice of AGM
    • Agenda of AGM
    • AGM: Chair Script
    • Minutes of AGM
    • Minutes of Committee Meeting
    • Board Confidentiality Policy
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Conflict of Interest Register
    • Circulating Resolutions of Committee
Be prepared before issues arise. Do you currently have a Board Confidentiality Policy? You may use documents that have never been revised since the start of the association.  For only $595 ex gst your association can receive this comprehensive pack that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your meetings and AGMs.

To take advantage of this offer and get your association on track for the year ahead, simply email and request your Board and AGM Association Pack. 
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