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Strategic Advice Full Service package

Strategic Advice Full Service package

You may have been in business for years but just never got around to registering your trade mark. Or perhaps you are starting out and have a great idea you don't want the competition stealing from you. Either way, protection is your best defence.

Talk to us today about the Strategic Advice Full Service Package that will give you access to a legal expert where you can confidentially discuss your business needs and the best way to protect your future. For only $975 you receive:

  • Strategic advice on how to achieve successful registration of your mark, logo, catch-phrase or tagline
  • Legal advice on best options to overcome any requisitions or issues raised by IP Australia
  • Click and pick Full Application 1 class with Standard Specifications
  • Step-by-step progress reporting throughout the process
  • If application is approved, provide 10 year trade mark registration.

Take advantage of this strategic advice fixed fee service and get in touch at

Additional fees and charges may apply:

  • IP Australia fees from $250 per class.

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